Thursday, January 26, 2006

13 - 19 = 1 afternoon in Marin

My dad is in town visiting. He, of course, helped spark my interest in birding. We rode over the bridge to Marin county, and went out to Hawk Hill. We climbed up to the top, and took in the tremendous view of the Bay. It's one of those vistas that makes you realize how small you are--how small San Francisco is, for that matter--compared with the whole of creation.

We scrambled around the batteries, which Dad seemed to really enjoy. And the whole time, there were hawks, crows, and vultures overhead. We drove down the hill, and around into Rodeo Lagoon and Beach, where we saw quite a few ducks, not all of which we could identify. There was also a roadside Heron--I've rarely not seen Herons by the side of the road in the Headlands. And a Great Egret was fishing in the lagoon by the bridge.

All in all, a great day. Oh, and I checked off a few birds, too:

13. Turkey Vulture
14. Red-Tailed Hawk
15. Common Goldeneye
16. Great Blue Heron
17. Greater Scaup
18. Great Egret
19. Red-Winged Blackbird


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