Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hoot Hoot

Last night, as we were going to bed, we distinctly heard an owl hooting. Not once,but repeatedly. It seemed to be coming from Buena Vista Park.

We saw an owl on Angel Island, a few years ago. It flew spellbindingly silent across the trail ahead of us, like feathered fog. I wouldn't imagine that it's a far flight, for an owl, from here to Angel Island. But I never would have expected an owl in the middle of the city.

It made me wish, however, that I could identify birds by their songs, or calls. Numerous birders use birdsong to identify birds in lieu of visual confirmation. Indeed call identification was integral to confirming the Ivory-billed's existence.


At 5:42 PM, jcw said...

there is one owl that is really easy to identify by song, it goes "who cooks for yooooooou? Who cooks for yooooooooou?" sounds sort of silly until you hear it and then you say "oh right!"

barred own


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