Sunday, February 12, 2006

27. Red Shouldered Hawk

We arrived home from Tiburon, and I set about loading our pictures onto the Mac Mini while Harper went in the bedrooom to lie down. A bit later, as I was playing around, trying to stitch together a panorama of Tiburon, I heard her get up to get something to drink, and she called me into the kitchen.

There, off in the Panhandle below us, was a hawk in a treetop. As previously noted, we get quite a few hawks, but they are typically flying overhead. This one, however, was in the treetop, the very tip of it, and was sitting more or less in plain sight. At least from our vantage from up the hill.

It was a Red shouldered hawk. A gorgeous bird. It took us a while to be sure. I looked her over very carefully with the binoculars, and even used Harper's camcorder, which has an 800 x digital zoom, to crank way in on her. It was clearly the California variety.

While the European Starling is vulgaris, the California Red Shouldered is, properly, Buteo lineatus elegans. And is it ever.

What a fine bird to cap off a big weekend of birding.


At 7:29 PM, leeminc said...

We have been fortunate to have a red-tailed hawk that we feed on a daily basis in the winter for the last several years. We now can approach him, on occasion to within 10 feet. What a beautiful animal


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