Thursday, March 23, 2006

35. Belted Kingfisher

We got up early this morning and went to Crissy Fields to check out the early-rising birds. And what a great day, we saw so many birds, including one of my favorites, a Kingfisher. I love Kingfishers. I have ever since I saw this gorgeous one in Thailand and do all the moreso after today.

Standing on the bridge that crosses the marsh, we saw a little determined bird come flying low across the surface of the water, and land on the railing not 15 feet from us. Why didn't I bring my camera?!?

It was the Belted Kingfisher. I never knew they hovered, but we watched this little guy take off several times and hover over the marsh, looking very much like a giant hummingbird. Only once did I see it dive into the water, and as soon as it surfaced a gull attacked it.

Later today, I told my dad about it, and replied that he can identify them by song. "Really," I asked. "Yes," he said. "Once you hear it, you'll never forget it; it's a very distinctive call."


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