Sunday, June 04, 2006

49. Snowy Plover

I had a front row seat to the Snowy Plover Soap Opera, as I watched careless beachgoers trample past fences and into the dunes, threatening nesting sites. Meanwhile hawks, vaultures, ravens, and even an Eagle soared low over the beach, back and forth and back and forth across the dunes looking for a quick, snowy snack.

But this is definitely the cutest bird I've seen.

I saw two individuals, one much closer than the other. The first was one the beach, standing atop some driftwood, and flitting about the beach. The second was by the lagoon, alongside the trail on the way out. While I saw the second up cose and personal, I only got a minute or two to watch him, while I got to check out the one on the beach that was farther off at my leisure.


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