Monday, July 17, 2006

56 - 63 The rest of my Eufaula birds

I spotted so many birds on Lake Eufaula and around it that I haven't ever gotten around to entering them all, and I'm afraid if I don't list them now I won't ever do it individually. Hopefully I'll come back to this, but if not:

56. Eastern Kingbird
57. Barn Swallow
58. Fish Crow
59. Cattle Egret
60. Purple Martin
61. Brown Thrasher
62. Anhinga
63. Little Blue Heron

55. Carolina Wren

Spotted 06-22-06

When I first saw the Carolina Wren, it was hanging out upside down ona branch, waiting for me to go back inside. I'd scared it off the feeder when I went out, and it flew off all of five feet to the most convenient branch, where it lurked waiting for me to go. It was a little fuss-pot, and would chirp and chirp angrily at me the whole time I was on the porch, until I went back inside.

54. Common Grackle

Spotted 06-22-06

I once confused the Common Grackle with Starlings. They are in fact quite different. The Grackles at my dad's place would drive me crazy, however, if they came to my feeder.

54. Purple Finch

Spotted 06-22-06

Though I see Purple Finches quite often, I realized that I had not added them to my list. An oversight. And now here they are. Another treat from Dad's feeder in Eufaula.

53. Cardinal

Spotted 06-22-06

Oh, Eufaula Cardinal. Why were you mad at me? Can't you see that I, too, would like to sit on the porch and eat? There is no need to fuss at me, with your little peep peep peep peep. I will be gone soon. And won't you miss me then?

52. Bluebird

Spotted 06-22-06

I had never seen a Bluebird before. Never. I remember as Bluebird houses went up all over the country in the 80s and 90s. I'd been to Bluebird cafes and truck stops and bars. But never had I seen the bird itself. And then that morning in Eufaula, I watched one all morning, as by the shore of the lake a pair took turnd feeding (I presume) switching up as they flew from house, to branch, and off into the yonder, only to return and swap out again. Remarkable little birds, with the bluest coats and red breasts just like a Robin's.

51. Tufted Titmouse

Spotted 06-22-06

Bird number 3 in Eufaula (and number 51 on this list) was the Tufted Titmouse. I spied it just after observing a few Herons. And by spied, I mean, my dad pointed it out to me on a feeder. You have to love tits; they are so cute.